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and there will be music!

 ok I have wandered into blogger heaven, this stuff writes itself, literally.I went to see Bryn Oh’s incredible new work The Brittle Epoch. I will write an actual post about it at length because it’s amazing and very important Art but right now su…



 ok I have wandered into blogger heaven, this stuff writes itself, literally.

I went to see Bryn Oh's incredible new work The Brittle Epoch. I will write an actual post about it at length because it's amazing and very important Art but right now suffice it to say two thumbs up and then some, go see it here. Block off some time, you will want to go slowly, it's truly an amazing work of Art.

But that's not this post, this post is about blogging Art, jeepers this is a cool gig.

So I'm sitting under a tree and an apple falls on my head and I think hey!
Well, almost. 

I was probably changing hair and a notice came through Bryn Oh's group, Immersiva, (link here) about a concert tomorrow, November 6 at 8am SLT, with some incredible musicians playing an hour each until noon when Colemarie Soleil brings the awesome with particles too.

Right? Here's the line-up.

8am slt Phemie Alcott
9am slt Jack Slade
10am slt Skye Galaxy
12 slt Colemarie Soleil

But wait, there's more. 

I love when artists are just hanging around greeting and it turns out Bryn Oh has been doing that at The Brittle Epoch! I popped over there to get an LM to see where the stage would be for this story and OMG she showed me the stage for the concert, I'm expecting a stage, something that looks like a you know, stage.

No. This is Art. THIS is the stage. How amazing is this? I can't wait for this concert. 

Everything I've seen Bryn Oh do has been simply incredible and producing a stage this beautiful for a concert is just an example. She is orders of magnitude ahead of us. 

Here's the slurl for The Brittle Epoch, concert starts at 8am SLT see you there!!

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bryn oh

Slenderman, Bryn Oh and the Battle of Fair Use

How’s that for a title? I know, I’m in jeopardy of losing my ditzy persona here (trust me it’s not an act) but I’ve struggled with this post for a couple of weeks so I had to slip this line from a song in here.Once in a while you get shown the lig…



How's that for a title? 

I know, I'm in jeopardy of losing my ditzy persona here (trust me it's not an act) but I've struggled with this post for a couple of weeks so I had to slip this line from a song in here.

Once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right. ~
Robert Hunter, from Scarlet Begonias.

I was REALLY flummoxed how to write this article and then BAM this happened.

Photo by Bellisseria Slenderman

I was doing research on my region release stalking for GoH story (aka standing around) and I was spotted and photographed by one of Bellisseria's most terrifying monsters, Bellisseria Slenderman!

I was browsing through the forums and saw this picture and after a few beats and a moment to assess my outfit I realized it was me!

Well I ran of course and I'm amazing fast when scared witless so I ditched him and then curiosity got the best of me so I went to the Slenderman Gallery (slurl) and there is my picture! Wow! Love this monster!

I'm pretty sure I've raved about how awesome this place is before- I can't remember if it was the impossible to find BBB stamp, or the fact that somehow there's a rollercoaster in a home in Belli and it works, or the impossible to find eight pages hunt, or the impossible to find pumpkin, or...

You get the idea- this is one seriously clever monster. Or spokesmouse, whichever of them does this stuff is a genius. It's so much fun in fact it's a destination in the destination guide!

I am totally totally honored to be in The Slenderman Gallery and I hope he will come dance at Riverbridge any time he wants! (We will catch him dancing I just know it!)

So, as I mentioned above, I was rather stuck how to write this, because it was an article about Art with a really ugly underbelly and you all know I don't like to talk about ugly or mean.

A couple of weeks ago someone tipped me off about an "Art Gallery" and the owner was having a huge party to celebrate a big exhibit of his own work. The ad for the exhibit featured a moon that looks a lot like the moon that Bryn Oh made in her amazing The Brittle Epoch. There was no mention that it was Bryn Oh's stuff, just the guy and his party and gallery stuff. 

I don't want to get bogged down in detail slamming this gallery-owning deejay-slash-artist, because frankly his Flickr ad is two weeks old and has 28 faves as of this moment and I've been to the gallery several times now to write this and it is a ghost town. Stepping on small potatoes is not my thing, but we'll get to why this is here.

So this "exhibit" is a series of pictures the guy took at Bryn Oh's The Brittle Epoch and he is charging 500 lindens each for them. No, he's not a particularly good photographer, someone really needs to introduce him to some fundamentals of composition like the rule of thirds. I have no idea why he thinks he can sell his own pictures of Bryn's work for 500 when people can actually just go buy something actually by Bryn Oh at her store

In addition to the hubris required to think his work is worth selling, this same fellow actually put his name on his pictures with the copyright symbol next to it.

with the copyright symbol next to it. like he'd done something bigger than ctrl-shift-s



Can you imagine?

You'll notice that there's no picture or slurl here, or even a mention a clue where you'll find this galley because I won't encourage any of it. I'm under no illusion he actually sells any work, his place is empty and his Flickr stream is on life support, but the more I wander around in Second Life musing about where Art ends and everything else begins, I really feel we need to put the brakes on some things and have a discussion around ownership.

By the way, go see the original-  The Brittle Epoch (slurl). 

Ok, so like I said, kicking this lil gallery schmuck is not my idea of fun and normally I like to focus on positive energy so I was incredibly grateful the universe decided that today was the day that Bellisseria Slenderman would find me and put me in his gallery.

So let's back up to Slendie, remember him?
Slenderman has an interesting history with intellectual property. He's generally considered to be the result of online discussion and "creepypasta" internet fiction but courts have awarded the copyright to some guy because that's what courts do, but it's very much a gray area and still the subject of some pretty interesting reading by some pretty high level law figures such as Betsy Rosenblatt, former director of the Center for Intellectual Property at Whittier Law School and author of Who Will Speak for The Slender Man?: Dialogism and Dilemmas in Character Copyright.

The Bellisseria Slenderman is very much in the spirit of fanfiction and creepypasta, this avatar has its own thing and it's glorious! It's not like he's copying the other Bellisseria Slenderman because there wasn't one. Though it builds on lore established elsewhere, this is fair use.

The Fair Use Clause. 
In the US, we have the copyright act and section 107 dictates "fair use" which gives some wiggle room to people who want to use someone else's work as a basis for their own. 

For criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, research and stuff we can use other people's work pretty much as needed. A court will look at these factors- 

-purpose and character of the use (was it trying to make money?)
-nature of the copyrighted work (copying the format too or translating it into new formats?)
-amount of the original used in new work (this one is huge in music)
-financial impact on original work. (it's all about the benjamins)

The deejayartist who ripped off Bryn Oh's thing fails most of these criteria, he's selling the work, he's taken 3d art and turned it into 2d art with very small alterations in color and such, it's entirely hers and it's doubtful anyone buys his stuff or even knows about it but if it were worth pursuing she could get it all taken down easily.

Slenderman on the other hand, has created his own niche as a 3d manifestation of a character from another art form entirely. His "monstering" around Bellisseria and occasionally lurking menacingly at events is new to the character as is his good will- remember this is the monster that delivered Christmas presents in a sleigh last winter! All if that aside, the bottom line is the bottom line here- Slendie doesn't sell himself, it's non-commercial use, in fact I'm pretty sure Slendie spends quite a bit on us with the lil Slendie bears and free scooters and amusement park rides and everything else he provides to us.... for free.

Which brings us back to why I would struggle with this so much in writing this article.

Well, it's about me. I do what this sleazy dj does- I take pictures of other people's stuff.

I don't sell them, and my intent is to highlight the artists and the picturesque locations that I visit. I often spend hours finding the right angles, derendering things that detract from the composition, and then photoshopping before a picture ends up on Flickr. I always am very clear with credit as to where you can find whatever I'm showing or who made it if it's Art.

But wrapping myself in the blanket of Fair Use itches a little after seeing this horrible man's gallery. I don't want to be that at all. This has been troubling me for a couple of weeks, which you may have noticed in my lack of output on Flickr lately.

The other thing for me here is the nature of how we spend our time in Second Life. To this point I have skated on the edges of consumer and producer- I know the very basics of how to build and create mesh and used to make a fine SL living making skins and clothes in the days of texturing standard avatars, but lately when I'm wandering around yet another lovely region using the same trees and pick-up truck as the one I just left, the voice inside of me is asking, "wouldn't you rather be making something?"

The answer is yes. 

I said during my post for the holidays that I was making some changes here at The SLuggle, and so far the only noticeable one is the shiny new profile I added to the front page because people that don't follow me on Flickr were having trouble figuring out who to complain to haha.

That was just housekeeping, the real change will be content. I will still visit gorgeous places and look for awesome Art but you will also hopefully see more how-to and "look at this cool thing!" kind of posts out of me.

And more words, apparently.

Thank you Slenderman, and Bryn Oh, from all of us whose hearts you touch through your effort.

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bryn oh

Orange the World

 UN Women is a United Nations program that is dedicated to the empowerment of women. This year, they are asking that we raise awareness around the world with 16 days of activism against gender-based violence (25 November – 10 December) under the t…




UN Women is a United Nations program that is dedicated to the empowerment of women. This year, they are asking that we raise awareness around the world with 16 days of activism against gender-based violence (25 November – 10 December) under the theme of ‘Orange the World: Raise Money to End Violence against Women and Girls’

And beautifully, this has made its way into Second Life!

I found it through a bit of serendipity- I was literally going through destination guide and sworn I would go to the first one that didn't have snow in the picture or title and BAM a place called "Color the World Orange" checked all those boxes.

So I land and this is in the description:

Color The World Orange: Welcome to "COLOR THE WORLD ORANGE" - an awareness sim supporting UN Women's 16 Days of Activism Campaign Against Gender-Based Violence. The global theme for this year is “Orange the world: End violence against women now!”

I'm all in to help end violence so I cammed around and knew I had found a home when I saw a familiar face;

Lady Carmagnolle

Lady Carmagnolle by Bryn Oh is one of those characters I see and my heart suddenly becomes a cartoon character that gently touches its own heart and goes awwwwww. And Milady the centerpiece of this garden. 

(I'm not alone either- there was someone on a pose stand taking a pic with the statue when I snapped this pic!)

Then it gets better- this is The Creature from Mars! (a-lago) by Bryn Oh;

At first blush, a piece of art about a creature carrying a woman off to his cave would not be appropriate for a sim devoted to ending gender based violence, but this bit of wonderful satire is by Bryn Oh so it's working on way more levels than I even have.

The creature "learning how to grab a woman," on his phone finds a picture of a pussy cat, reference to the creature from Mar a Lago's famous line about grabbing women there, and the shifting online morals in that creature's wake. This was a piece created at that time and still drips with meaning.

So, camming around further, this place is fabulous and doubly so if you like the color orange. The lighting is bright and very easy to work with photography and there are a ton of great shots waiting for you. This campaign goes until Dec 10 but I'm not sure if the sim will stay open longer. 

There are a number of amazing and beautiful works of art scattered around among a gorgeous landscape and wonderfully placed benches and seats scattered around for some solitary reflection or sitting or cuddling in a gorgeous, and orange setting. 

There is a flickr contest and this place is simply incredible beauty for a great cause, go take a look!

Here's the in-world SLURL. Here's their Flickr group.

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